The Frog: It isn’t right. see? Yeah.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced the decision to remove the boreal toad from a list of potential endangered species. This action comes in spite of the fact that the amphibian subspecies is in danger of extinction from an invasive fungus of foreign origin, something that’s apparently affecting amphibians around the globe.

The announcement shook the environmental and amphibian community, with some groups promising to file suit against any changes that would further endanger the frogs.

Some of the loudest protests came from California during a press conference from the Animated Villains Halfway House in Fresno. The gathering was called by The Frog, the infamous enemy of cartoon heroes Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse. The Frog, who’s real name is Chauncy Frog, responded angrily to the news and expressed his concern about the spread of the amphibian fungus.

“This is all wrong, see? Yeah. All wrong. Yeah,” said The Frog at the press conference. “Things are bad enough when they throw me back in here, you see? Yeah. All I was doing was hanging out with some of the old boys, see, the old gang, yeah. But now, they want all us frogs to die from this fungus, you got me? Yeah. Yeah. I don’t see them doing this to Rock Bottom or Yosemitie Sam, yeah.”

The Frog, who’s speaking style is oddly reminiscent of actor Edward G Robinson, adjusted his bowler and lit a cigar. “I spent my career running from that stupid cat and his mouse buddy, you got me? The cat was always shooting stuff out of that gun, see? Yeah. I’d be walking along, minding my own business. Then, I’m covered in a giant net that cat shot from that gun, yeah. Or he’d be grabbing me with a giant pair of tongs he shot from that gun, see? Yeah.

“Well, now The Frog is mad, see?. I’m gonna sue the government, yeah, see? I’m gonna get all the other frogs together and make sure we stay on that list, you get me? Yeah. Go ahead, call Michigan, he’ll tell you. Yeah. He’s with me on this one. Yeah.”

Michigan J. Frog, the famous singing amphibian who late became the trademark for the WB Network, was reached by phone for a command. However, his only response was to sing I’m Just Wild About Harry.

Other past residents of the Animated Villains Halfway House have included Dishonest John, the Master Cylinder and Snidely Whiplash.

5 thoughts on “The Frog: It isn’t right. see? Yeah.

  1. Oh to find the CC & MM episode where the frog says “I’m the Frog see, eh, ehrr, see”. Used to love the Frog, and Squiddly-Diddly, something about aquatic cartoon characters floats my boat. Giant pair of tongs. Hahaha. Why does this appeal to me doctor?
    Youtube needs more CC&MM episodes, but some company holds the rights and its trying to sell DVDs of episodes. I doubt it will be a money spinner.

  2. the Frog is the man seeee ah, ah ah.The Frog needs to run this country to straighten things out see, get rid of some of these scoundrels and let me push a few buttons and everthing will fall into line see. I , Me, The Frog, am the peoples choice see, and I’ll have to slap around courageous and minute on prime time t.v. to open up peoples eyes to see, and then all will know that the FROG rules all the tribes and nations of the earth,ah, aah ,aah,aaaah, see…

  3. Do you mean “Miers”?

    I have no comment, to speak of. I expect the same kind of battle from the Left, especially if they find anything questionable in her background. The yelling is similar, on both sides, to what happened when Roberts was nominated.

    I don’t know any more about here then you or anyone else. What’s left to comment about?

    Does that satisfy you? I never knew my lack of comment on an issue shook up the blog community.

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