Hello, kettle. You’re black. Love, Pot.

If I hadn’t see the headline on Drudge with my own eyes, I would have thought this was from The Onion:

Fidel to Ahmadinejad: ‘Stop Slandering the Jews’…

The headline links to a butt-kissing Atlantic article by Jeffrey Goldberg in which, after he gets his “glimpse of the great man” (his words, folks), Castro addresses the plight of the world’s Jews.

Briefly, the “great man” addresses Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran (probably another “great man” if we give Goldberg enough leeway), chiding him for his anti-Semitic attitudes, especially in regards to Ahmadinejad’s claims that the Holocaust was a hoax.

Anyway, the article is pretty much a laugh riot. Especially the part when Goldberg non-chalantly mentions that “the great man” spoke for five hours…on the first day of the three-day interview.

Humberto Fontova has his brief but pithy say over at BabalĂș. He also points out that “the great man” isn’t necessarily the pro-Israelite he claims to be. Humberto, sorry my headline was kind of like yours.