Phoning it in. Either that, or hell actually has frozen over.

The planets aligned on the Fox News website this morning. Usually, the site is pretty pithy with its headlines. But, you simply can’t avoid the “Duh!” reaction you will have when you read these two beauties:

Gov’t Checkup: Health Care Costs Rise Under Obama Overhaul

After you’re done shaking your head and muttering “Really? You think?” to that one, they top it with this smaller one further down the page:

Fidel Castro: Cuba’s Communism Not Working

Holy shit! Has anyone informed Danny Glover, Sean Penn or Hugo Chevez? Or Oliver Stone? Or Harry Belafonte?

Wow. This is even bigger than Snooki getting fined for being “criminally annoying.” Especially since they should have done that to the cast and creators of her “show” five minutes after it went on the air.

You know, like “the great man” should have figured out that communism didn’t work five minutes after he took over.