The definition of delusional.

I wonder if the definition of “delusional” is similar to the definition of “insanity.” In the “delusional” case, it would be hearing the same bad news over and over again, while continuing to hang on to the delusion that things are going to turn out all right.

Such as in the case of Tim Kaine, former governor of Virginia and the current chairman of the Democratic National Committee. I don’t know, Tim, I’m looking at poll after poll that show that your guys are headed for a pretty bad night on November 2. Depending on who you believe, it could be anything from a severe spanking to a downright political bloodbath.

Yet, you remain the eternal optimist:

The former Virginia governor says generic and race-to-race polls since Labor Day “have been moving pretty dramatically in Democrats’ favor.” And he adds that some tension within the party is the result of Democrats doing the “heavy lifting” on policy changes.

Sure. Moving pretty well. Perhaps the margins of defeat have narrowed just a point or two here or there, and I suppose that’s in your candidates’ favor. But I would avoid calling an unwanted health plan, cap-and-trade, higher taxes and all the other legislative boondoggles your guys have pushed as “heavy lifting.”

“Dead weight” is more like it. The kind of dead weight that’s dragging down your campaigns, because it’s the kind of dead weight your side as dumped on an unsuspecting electorate.

But, don’t listen to me! I’m not counting any chickens yet. Stay optimistic! Your going to need the practice when you try spinning it all on November 3.