Does anyone really care about Rick Sanchez?

Rick Sanchez, a former CNN anchor, made some apparently disparaging remarks about John Stewart and Jews in general during a radio interview about 10 days ago. For this, he was summarily sacked by CNN. Sanchez has since expressed regret for his comments, along with a desire to return to CNN. They’re not calling, and neither are any of the other extremely-unpopular cable news outlets. He has also apologized directly to Stewart, who I’m sure is having a good laugh over all this.

The media coverage of this dust-up continues today, with stories and video clips and interviews of this clown all over the freaking web.

Could someone answer one simple question for me?

Who gives a shit about Rick Sanchez?

Here’s what’s happening in the world right now:

I did a little research on Mr. Sanchez’s CNN show in the days before his sacking. Go to this page, which shows ratings and analysis for the cable news outlets for the end of September. Look at the “Scoreboard” entries for the weekdays. Mr. Sanchez’s show is barely a ratings blip on most days. In fact, reruns of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on Fox, between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM, draw three or four times the number of viewers that Mr. Sanchez did during his 8:00 PM prime time slot. Reruns.

No one watched this guy. Nothing at CNN is going to get any better now that he’s gone. Sanchez is probably more famous since he made these remarks than in all the time he was on the air. For Christ’s sake, Elliot Spitzer has a show on CNN now. How bad can it be when you get sacked for some stupid comments, while the same network is hiring a philandering former john who had to resign as the governor of one of the most populated states in America?

By the way, based on the early numbers, no one is watching Spitzer and his pseudo-conservative hostess either. No one give a shit.

Right, Rick?

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