I won’t debate. I will pout. I’m a liberal.

Nothing warms my heart as much as watching someone from the “other” side (or someone I truly despise, which is frequently the same thing) have a whining, pouting, pooped-in-my-diaper meltdown. The video below is all over the ‘Net, but if you missed it, it’s a great four-plus minutes of television. Now, as a disclaimer, I’m not a big fan of Bill O’Reilly. I agree with some of his political and cultural opinions, and I admire how he’s risen from a local news guy to host one of the most popular opinion shows on American television. I find his approach, however, a bit off-putting and I rarely watch his program. Then again, I rarely watch any of the news opinion shows anyway, even those with hosts I like.

Nevertheless, watch and be amazed:

This video is demonstrative of the liberal method of dealing with the opposition. First of all, I know Bill likes a challenge, but what was he thinking going on this show in the first place? No matter who you are, you can barely get a word in edgewise with this bunch. I kid my daughter when she and all her college roommates get together for a weekend at our place. Six girls all try to talk at the same time…and yet they all know what everyone is saying. What makes the women on The View different is that it’s all shrieking, one trying to out-shout the other…except, of course, the lone conservative, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who gets drowned out no matter what she says.

So we see and hear O’Reilly make a legitimate point about Islamic terrorists and the issue of the Park51 project. Rather than engage the man in a debate on the merits of his opinion (or their own), the two biggest mouthed (and politically infantile) members of the cast jump up and walk out in some kind of protest against whatever it was that O’Reilly said. They eventually return because, as Behar claims, O’Reilly “apologized” (which I don’t think he did; he simply couched is opinion in different terms). If I saw her and Goldberg walking back to the set, I would have asked them to leave again, since I would have no tolerance for such childish stunts. But, Bill’s a gentleman, so he held his tongue.

The part of the clip that killed me was Walters’ little lecture to the audience after Goldberg and Behar walked off. She was right about one thing: this isn’t the the way we’re supposed to debate or discuss an issue upon which we disagree, and she properly chided her panel members for their actions.

But Barb, who’s responsible for this daily train wreck you call a “panel discussion show”? You’re the executive producer; do something about it. Hire some co-hosts with some intelligence and manners, and maybe the tone of the discourse will turn to constructive and away from the cry-baby antics we see in this clip. Here’s a thought: why don’t you even things up and swap Goldberg and Behar for a couple of conservative or libertarian women to balance the load a little. Not only would it give poor Liz a little more comfort on the set, but you might actually teach your audience that there actually is more than one side to an issue.

You know, I don’t recall Hasselbeck pouting and storming off in a huff last July when Obama made his appearance. During that freaking love fest, even Liz was chuckling at Barry’s jokes. Granted, Bill O’Reilly isn’t Barak Obama, and I doubt Bill can make the masses swoon the way the Prez does (or did, anyway). I suppose I also can’t expect that show to have any balance.

After all, many of the women who are in its alleged target audience are probably doing more important things than sitting around watching a bunch of shrieking has-beens.

Like working.