Soledad O’Brien can’t get a break.

I’ve only seen her a few times, but Soledad O’Brien seems like a very nice woman, very capable in her position as an anchor on CNN. Based on her bio, her dad is Australian-Irish and her mom is Afro-Cuban, which makes her black. That parental combination makes Soledad O’Brien a racial mix that includes black. Just like the child of any other racially-mixed marriage.

Except if you’re Jesse Jackson, apparently. According to Jesse, being only partially of black heritage and having lighter skin than many black people means “you don’t count.” I’m trying to imagine the earthquake that would follow if a white person said that to Ms. O’Brien. Even worse, a conservative white person.

In the end, however, I don’t suppose it really matters what Jackson said that upset Ms. O’Brien so greatly. Because after some investigation, I’ve learned that, in spite of her African heritage, Soledad O’Brien is actually a racist!. And it must be true, because the accuser is a liberal white guy who writes on a “Democratic” website not “controlled” by the Democrats.

Yeah. right.

Incidentally, I noticed an interesting factoid about Ms. O’Brien’s parents. In 1958 (a mere 52 years ago), they had to get married in Washington, D.C. because in nearby Maryland, where they legally resided, interracial marriage was against the law. On that alone, I think Ms. O’Brien “counts”, Jesse.

(Updated and corrected 11/12/2010)