Make calls? Who makes calls anymore?

If you’re a closet Luddite who can’t stand watching people like me showing off every feature of our brilliantly-conceived smart phones, and if all you want to do is make a call, then you need one of these.

Imagine: no texting, no web, no tweets, no mobile Facebook, no email…just calls. One ringtone. The dialer screen is apparently an LCD on the top edge of the device. You can store exactly ten phone numbers in memory (one for each digit on the dial pad). If you run out of room or need to remember a number, you can open the back and write a number down using the included pad and pen. Comes in an array of colors, too.

Just think. You’ll be the only one in your town who can actually walk down the street while looking where you’re going.

What’s next? Phones mounted to boxes on the street for making calls with coins?

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