Today’s two minutes of hate: Outrages of the week, so far.

I need to stretch out the blogging muscles again, so I thought, rather then just spew some commentary, I’d post a few links to a couple of things that will really anger and outrage the average, tax-paying American. The spewing will begin in earnest later on.

  • Hmmm, here’s an interesting ad. A man wants to kill someone, cook them, and eat them. I’m sure this is some kind of joke, but I’ll contact him anyway. I have nothing better to do. Yikes.
  • I’m not a death penalty guy, but I wonder if there’s a SEAL team that’s not too busy. We need to save the taxpayers some money and have the two cretins in this story put down like the dogs they are. Right in the eyes, fellas.
  • Once again, “zero tolerance” gets taken way too far. I wonder why the bags were searched. Did someone rat on these kids?
  • Boy likes girl. Boy wants to ask girl to prom. Boy comes up with clever way to ask. Boy now banned from prom. Yes, this is freaking pathetic, more “zero tolerance” crap.

The two minutes of hate is now over. Get back to work.

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