News Hack: Let’s send the NRA to Gitmo.

This is a man in need of a 3-day waiting period and a background check before he sits at his computer again.

In this incredibly screeching, vicious and nonsensical rant, Dave Perry of the Aurora Sentinel appears to draw the following conclusion: since editorials from newspapers in Dallas, Kansas City and Orlando attacked the NRA and “coward” Senators for voting against a gun control bill, and since these newspapers are not “liberal rag(s) in a liberal wasteland”, then the entire NRA leadership should be sent to Gitmo. In other words, he’s implying that these newspapers from allegedly “conservative” regions speak for the people (conservative people, I’m assuming) by lashing out against the NRA, and by extension, gun control.

Maybe Mr. Perry hasn’t actually read rags like the Orlando Sentinel in some time. Orlando is not exactly a bastion of conservatism as a city, and the Sentinel has long been known to be one of Florida’s most left-leaning papers. We joked about it when I lived there in 1981. Likewise, what makes him think that the editorial writers in Dallas or Kansas City are any less “liberal” than their counterparts in New York, Washington, Chicago or Los Angeles?

And, of course, he never explains how the passage of any of that legislation would have prevented that crackpot from shooting up that movie theater last year. You see, the issue to people like Mr. Perry is not rights or cause-and-effect or even simple logic. This is about bluster and feigned outrage and a typically leftist desire to take lots of freedoms – even the freedom to lobby for a cause – away from people. Along with their gun rights.

Of course, there’s the required snide remark about the fact that there are 76 million gun owners and 300+ million citizens, and the NRA only had 4 million members (actually, it’s over 5 million now, but I doubt it matters to Mr. Perry). He forgets that there are other, smaller gun ownership groups, so not every gun owner has to be in the NRA to support their gun rights. In fact, one doesn’t need to belong to any group for that – other than the group called “American citizen.” Does NOW represents every woman in America? Or the AARP represent all the elderly or retired? This is the kind of logic that believes that every beer drinker in America is represented by Budweiser.

Mr. Perry might want to step away from the keyboard for a bit and give some really, really careful thought about the things he says. I know a lot of people who would find his ideas of locking up Americans in Gitmo even more frightening than facing down some orange-haired crackpot with a gun in a movie theater.