Up Against The Wall of Tolerance!

I received something in the mail last week that got me to thinking about walls.

While installing new laminate flooring in my house, I’ve become intimate with the walls of my home. I’ve had to remove baseboard, measure distances, make repairs, all providing me a closer look at something which I often take for granted.

I thought of the Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Washington. This simple design is a stark reminder of the sacrifices made by more that 56,000 Americans who lost their lives in one of America’s most unpopular conflicts.

How about the Wall of Death, a stunt show popular in the United Kingdom that also has an American version? Both require motorcycles, flames, and extreme danger. There’s apparently another Wall of Death in the UK, as memorialized in song by Richard Thompson on his album Shoot Out The Lights, a collection which I strongly recommend.

You comedy freaks will certainly be familiar with the Wall of Science, one of the delightful rides in the Firesign Theatre’s Future Fair…

…with the invention of the Motor Operated Pushover, Man and Science gave birth to life here, today, in the Future! Man, woman, child! All is up against the Wall of Science!

I’ve now been invited to have my name permanently inscribed on the Wall Of Tolerance. That’s correct. I’ve received in the mail a personal invitation from none other than Morris Dees, who directs the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC has long been an advocate in the battle to stop racist/hate groups like the KKK. Mr. Dees has personally requested that I accept his invitation to have my name engraved on the Wall Of Tolerance, a memorial that will be constructed at the new Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Alabama. I don’t know how much of the center is complete at this point, but apparently the Wall is an important part of the site, and I must have done something important for Mr. Dees to personally invite me to become a part of this display for all time.

Mr. Dees was joined by none other than Mrs. Rosa Parks in requesting my participation in this new venture. Historically, I can’t think of too many people who, in one simple moment of defiance, acted as heroically as Mrs. Parks did in Montgomery in 1954. Mrs. Parks was tired from a day of hard work and just wanted to sit for the ride home on the bus. By refusing to give up her seat to a white man, she quietly fired up a movement that changed the course of American life forever. She is a true American hero.

Unfortunately, Mr. Dees’ invitation comes with a price. In order to have my name inscribed on the Wall of Tolerance, he suggests that I become a “Founding Member” of the National Campaign for Tolerance at the suggested price donation of $35. Oh, I could donate just $25, but that additional ten bucks is really what is recommended to have the etching of my name on the wall. Naturally, the premiums increase with the size of the donation. For $50, I get the name on the wall and a copy of a video about Mrs. Park’s life. Since I already know what Mrs. Parks did in 1954, and since I know she’s tirelessly worked to improve the civil rights of others over the decades, I really don’t need the video.

What I find odd about this mailing is that it assumes that in order for me to demonstrate my “tolerance,” it would be necessary for me to have my name hammered on a wall for the world to see. They also assume that I would want to pay money to have said name hammered on said wall. They also assume that in doing so, I will someday visit the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery to see my name hammered on the wall, which will, in turn, improve the local economy of Montgomery as my family and I spend money during our visit. They further assume that other people will somehow be impressed that li’l ol’ me (or li’l ol’ anyone else) has bothered to have their name added to this elite list of tolerant folks.

I wonder just how my name was selected for an invitation for such an honor. I don’t recall having done anything particularly tolerant recently. I don’t suppose Mr. Dees or Mrs. Parks have read a lot of the stuff I’ve written here, which would make it apparent that I’m not tolerant of many things, like fools and idiots.

As a special incentive, the organization included in the mailing a sheet of personalized address labels for my use, labels which include the “Teach Tolerance” logo. This is, I assume, supposed to be my way of reminding others of this important concept. Since I now pay nearly all my bills on line and haven’t written a personal letter since about 1993, I don’t suppose I’ll have much use for those.

The letter mentions the Teach Tolerance program, which is designed to bring the concepts of tolerance into the classrooms and cafeterias of America’s schools. In the letter, Bill Moyers is quoted saying that this program is “a bold move into America’s classrooms to curb the rising tide of racial hatred.” Hmmm.

While I appreciate the offer from Mr. Dees and his organization, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to pass on having myself memorialized (at a minimum cost to me of $35) on the Wall. I might feel differently if I was told that I was going into the granite on their dime, but the idea of paying to have myself ensconced among the smiling, happy tolerant elite seems a bit egotistical for my tastes.

Besides, I’m really not good material for the Wall, as I’m probably one of the most intolerant people I know. For example, I’m not very tolerant of the idiot who told me that installing laminate flooring in my house would be “easy.” The guy who parked his pickup truck in my space at work, then took off to Guantanamo Bay or Roosevelt Roads or wherever for two weeks wasn’t very high on my likability list. I really hate people who spam me. Crowds at malls get to me, which is why I avoid malls. The fact that all the NFL games on Sunday go to commercials at the same time pisses me off to no end. That guy blocking the left lane while he’s conducting business on his cell phone? Hate him. I’m not fond of some of the opposing political views of certain people…that doesn’t mean I hate or even dislike them…but I’m certainly not tolerant of their views. The Boston Rex Sox? Phfffttt! And I’m certainly beyond tolerance for most popular music, most current movies, about 80% of what’s on television, and much of what’s being said by the current Democratic presidential candidates, better known here as the ’62 Mets.

With these kinds of attitudes, I doubt I’d be tolerance material for the organization’s memorial. Besides, I also have some issues with their “teaching tolerance” concept. Mr. Moyers mentioned curbing the rising racial hatred in schools. Huh? Perhaps Mr. Moyers hasn’t been in attendance in some of America’s schools lately, but I’ve seen plenty of evidence that kids have figured out, pretty much on their own, that associating with people unlike themselves is okay. In fact, I’d bet that much of this attitude didn’t come from what they learned in school, but what they were taught at home. My wife and I taught our child that people are people, and that God sees no differences. My parents taught me similar lessons, not by banging me over the head with a bunch of intellectual arguments, but by not practicing hatred towards others. You know, the old “teaching by example” routine?

The problem I have with teaching the “tolerance” issue in schools, or even with memorializing it on some wall with my name, is that it asks us to be tolerant of only a specific set of attitudes. To this bunch, “tolerance” apparently means that you should “tolerate” other people, no matter what their racial, religious, political, social, economic, sexual or other physiological, physical or political views may be. I suppose that’s a noble cause, but by the very acts and writings of the SPLC itself, one can only be tolerant of certain people and groups.

The SPLC’s mission is to monitor and, through litigation, hopefully eliminate the influence of hate groups in America. Now, what do hate groups say and do? Well, it’s mostly pretty hateful stuff (logically). Most hate both blacks and Jews. Most blame one or both of those groups for all the world’s ills. Most espouse completely “white” societies through segregation, breeding and a halt to all non-white immigration. Such attitudes are not exclusive to white groups like neo-Nazis and Klan-like clubs. The SPLC also watches black separatist groups like the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, both of which espouse racial separation and an extreme hatred for Jews.

Chronic optimist that I am, I believe that the attitudes put forth by most, if not all, of these groups are attitudes accepted by an extremely small minority of people in this nation. The fact that most of the “white power” groups are small, fractious and without much influence is a testament to the changing attitudes of American society during the past half-century. Mr. Moyers’ “rising tide” doesn’t make sense when one examines the rise of the black middle class, and how many minority political leaders have emerged and won victory after victory…in the South, a region where blacks were once considered less than human not just by individual attitudes, but by the law. I have to wonder which way the tide is actually moving when I examine the accomplishments of minorities in this nation in my lifetime.

According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, one of the definitions of “tolerance” is capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others. Now, when one considers the true lack of power for these hate groups, why is it that “tolerance” doesn’t include “tolerating” their very existence?

If members of these groups commit violent acts against others, they must be criminally prosecuted, just as any person who commits a violent crime should be prosecuted.

But why should the views of some be “tolerated” differently from the views of others? What I fear, and this is a fear felt by many with the advocacy of “hate crime” laws, is that such attempted control of actions leads to controls of thought. Physically assaulting a person is an evil thing and the person who commits such an act must be punished. But no one should have their thought process questioned when they decide who’s beliefs should be tolerated and who’s shouldn’t. One of the prices we have to pay for living in a free society is that we must be willing to tolerate the often-unpopular views of those with whom we vehemently disagree.

The wonderful thing about freedom is that it allows us, as thinking beings, to decide for ourselves what we accept and what we reject. Fortunately for the majority of us, the hateful attitudes of these groups resonates only among a small number of people and is rejected by the majority through thoughtfulness, logic and caring for one’s fellow humans.

Since I figured this out a long time ago, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to toss $35 or more to Morris Dees and his wall. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m now going to be included in the SPLC’s list of Top 40 racists. Maybe I’ll track down someone who’s pissed me off and treat them to lunch.

34 thoughts on “Up Against The Wall of Tolerance!

  1. Joe: “First, you can‚Äôt tell when someone is speaking with a hint of humor, sarcasm or with tongue in cheek.”

    Judging by the response, nor can you, since my comment about your football-viewing habits was entirely tongue-in-cheek.

    Joe: “the second problem is that you confuse what a person thinks with some kind of violation of the law.”

    Well, as far as I know, a person’s motives for committing a crime have been the basis for court cases for a very long time now, as far as I can tell. What a person thinks is not the issue at all – until that person violates the law.

    As for you being a decent sort, I’m more than happy to take your word, chum. To say that donating to the SPLC is trying to “prove one’s worth” is, however, disrespectful, and I’m sure a decent person like yourself wouldn’t want to be that!

  2. Hmmm, pakaal:

    So the web sites and news channels one watches or links to makes one “intolerant?” Is that how it works? So, if you read Huffington Post or Daily Kos and watch CNN or MSNBC for all your news, that doesn’t make you “intolerant” to otherpoints of view, is that what you’re saying? Why don’t you just come out and say it: you think people who visit Fox News or Drudge are racists. That’s what you’re implying, right?

    If you really believe that…if you really believe that what is presented on those sites is “intolerant,” then you’re an idiot. No intolerance for you implied here, pal, because no matter what your race, ethnic background, politics or religious beliefs are, if you believe that, you’re just plain ignorant.

    In my humble opinion, people like you have two major problems. First, you can’t tell when someone is speaking with a hint of humor, sarcasm or with tongue in cheek. This became apparent when you criticized my comments about commercials during NFL games. I’ve been watching football on TV for over 40 years. I don’t need you to tell me about how the commercialization of the NFL works, okay? Why don’t you re-read my list of things I can’t tolerate…you might find them a bit funnier the second time.

    The second problem is that you confuse what a person thinks with some kind of violation of the law. This way of thinking makes people like you extremely dangerous, because you’re advocating thought control. It’s still not against the law to not like someone or something, even for reasons most people would find abhorrent or offensive.

    For example, suppose I announced here that I would not longer allow any site visits or comments from German people because I hate their language (you might want to read Mark Twain for a reference to this). So I block the German domains, delete any posts from Germans, and regularly go on public rants about how much I hate the Germans.

    Despite what YOU might believe, I haven’t committed a crime. I’m perfectly in my rights to say whatever the hell I want about the Germans. I’m completely in my rights, not just as an American, but as a human being, to declare my thoughts about any group I see fit. The law doesn’t allow me to physically attack those whom I don’t like, nor may I legally destroy their property. This, of course, is the way things should be. But the minute you tell me that I’m not permitted to think a certain thing, you’re treading on very dangerous territory.

    By the way, just to clarify to any of my German visitors: I don’t hate the Germans, or their language. In fact, I have German in my background (along with Italian and Irish). I just used you as an example, and I suppose I need to make this clear to folks like pakaal. I suppose now that pakaal has learned I have some German heritage, he’ll think I’m a Nazi…

    The bottom line is that I don’t need to have my name inscribed anywhere, digitally or otherwise, to prove that I’m basically a decent sort. If you’re been unable to figure this out by reading a selection of the posts here, they do me a favor and just stay away.

    Over and out.

  3. PS. Joe wrote: “The fact that all the NFL games on Sunday go to commercials at the same time pisses me off to no end.”

    Go easy there, that’s one of the core elements to “commercial TV” viewing – if half the stations had action going on, we’d always jump back and forth, and that’s not a winning proposition for our sponsors, now is it?

  4. C’mon people, this guy’s reading Drudge and Fox. You think he’d want his name permanently inscribed in a wall that says intolerance is inherently evil and we have to constantly fight against it? With a portion of the proceeds from his donation going to actually putting hate groups like the KKK and FAIR out of business?

  5. Whew Spent time carefully reading all the above. Seriously, does it really take $50 just to place a DIGITAL name on the wall? The letter came to me twice, one year apart. The first one asked me to pay $50 to have my name ENGRAVED on the wall. One year later, the letter asked me for permission to have my name printed, but without obligating me to pay.

  6. Brenda:

    Please understand something: you didn’t receive a letter from anything other than a direct mailing company’s machine. At the time I received my “invitation” and Morris was telling “me” that Rosa Parks was “inviting” me to have my name inscribed on the “wall.” The problem is that Mrs. Parks has been very ill for a number of years and has, in fact, pretty muc been in seclusion. I figured that osmeone from her family or estate gave permission for he name to be used, but she probably didn’t know much about it.

    Same thing with the Toni Morrison response. It’s done by machines from direct mailings. Yes, she gave her permission for he name to be used, but she doesn’t know you from Adam.

    You know what? You should continue to do what you’re doing in Hawaii, because you’re affecting more positive change with your actions than all the donations to Morris Dees will ever do. You are doing God’s work, and don’t think He doesn’t notice.

    Queen Liliuokalani would have had him beheaded…

    Heh. She’d be popular here in Florida.

  7. Now that Rosa Parks has passed on, I feel very honored to have been invited by her to have my name put onto the Wall of Tolerance. As I searched for my name, I was told that the search did not come up with my name. So although I received an invitation from Rosa Parks and Morris Dees, along with a Certificate of Honor having been selected, and (perhaps because I did not respond right away,) I received a letter from Toni Morrison, the First African American Nobel Peace Prize Winner. She asked me to be supportive of Morris Dees as his work is profound, and extremely helpful against hate groups. I sent in my permission to have my name placed on the Wall of Tolerance, as well as the monetary contribution, which was minimal. I know that my name is there, but where? At this writing, I cannot find it. I have done a lot for Civil Rights in Hawaii, and continue the Quest. The hate groups here are WASPS, who are the descendants of Missionaries. One of them is a descendant of the Thurstons. He wrote “Do the Facts Matter?” He has been a leader in the effort to sue every Hawaiian Group to take away the Civil Rights of an Indigenous People who have welcomed and helped people who have
    come to reside in Hawaii. I feel that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and Queen Liliuokalani would have had him beheaded. I know that Kharma will be his lot, and I would love to see how that works out. In the language of the Bible I recall that hot coals will be poured over their head, but we must contimue to be kind. It is God’s problem, and not ours. God did orchestrate the Civil Rights movement using Rosa Parks to spark it, and Dr. Martin Luther King to lead the people to Civil Disobedience. It was awesome, and beautiful! I praise God for His good works!

  8. Thanks for your website about this wall of tolerance. Your comments, along with all the others, just reinforced my initial belief that this was a scam.

  9. I just received an invitation yesterday for the wall of tolerance. To be honest I was actually doing my research to see what is going on and came across this site. I have spent a careful amount of time reading through all of your responses and truthfully I have made my decission. I was trying to figure out where my name was picked from as well, but it was addressed to Rev. like most of my junk mail (those who think I will help them as a fellow minister). Curiosity did get me so I opened it up and considered, but I feel I am rolling with the majority here and tossing it as useless junk mail like many of the others I receive.
    Thank you everyone who posted and helped me understand this better!

  10. I just received an invitation too. I like the idea but am not really fond of the idea of paying $50 to have my name added to a computerized list that flits across a screen.

    In addition, call me picky but I don’t like the word “tolerance” as it implies putting up with something repugnant. I don’t find racial equality repugnant.

    So…I remain undecided.

  11. As I was searching information about this “Wall of Tolerance” I discovered I had been hustled along with many others. They actually sent me a certificate with my name on it stating I had been nominated for this wall. And do you know what the scariest thing I discovered is?! People are actually putting this nomination on their resumes! I came across two people online with this nomination on their personal resume. If they only knew!

  12. Please don’t be tricked into sending money to the church of Morris Dees. He is a great fundraiser; and much money goes into administrative costs. Let’s help the author of this site with his flooring first!

  13. Am I on the list of the wall of tolerance commitee found out that I support HUMAN RIGHTS?
    Probably not…I have read and heard that CIVIL RIGHTS are not the same as HUMAN RIGHTS? The south DID NOT care about the civil rights of african americans in 1964 in the very same way that south, north,east,& west DO NOT care about the HUMAN RIGHTS of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered in this election year of 2004. (note the past tense of did not and the present tense of DO NOT)
    When the wall of Civil Rights AND the wall of HUMAN RIGHTS is built together and the ideas and princibles include ALL people that are discriminated against…then and ONLY then will the beautiful sermon of MLK “I have a dream” include me. I believe that ALL people of any race, creed, sexual preferance…then I will not only donate money…I will work on the construction crew…and learn how to lay bricks of harmony. The bricks that promote harmony are very pricey. When ALL are included I will be there.

  14. I must say you really seem to down play the issues that the SPLC are trying to convey, especially with your comment: “attitudes put forth by most, if not all, of these groups are attitudes accepted by an extremely small minority of people in this nation. The fact that most of the “white power” groups are small, fractious and without much influence”
    You could not be more incorrect, my Father was also invited to be on the wall, no it wasn’t by a mass magazine mailing either- he subscribes to nothing of the like, he strives to remain out of public reach, however I do subscribe to everything under the sun and I received nothing of the sort. I’ll tell you why I think you’re so far off base, my Dad is fighting for the rights of the Nez Perce Indian Tribe- you know the tribe that helped those white boys Lewis and Clark recover from near certain starvation. The people in that area of the country are trying to deny the fact that there is even a Reservation- the Reservation they forced them to live on. You may think this causes “not much influence” but to these Native American’s who are so caring of the Earth and amiable it means not only their existence and History but American History. My Dad has become an unliked man by many in our town because of the number of narrow minded bigots but he keeps fighting for what he knows is right and I challenge any one of you to do that!

  15. This entry has proviked some interesting responses. To those of you who came here and have questions about getting yourself on the wall (like the first couple): I’m not putting the wall up. I can’t help you get on the wall. Okay?

    Q: I get a sense from your response that you have particular axe to grind. That’s fine, and your opinions are welcome as long as you understand that neither I nor other who visit here are grinding that same axe.

    Ryan: one out-of-context remark by a Southern conservative does not a racist make, nor does it indicate any evidence of racism. Perhaps you can explain to me why Lott’s remark caused the firestorm it did, but we heard practically nothing about Chris Dodd’s praises of Robert Byrd not long ago. Interestingly enough, Byrd used to be in the KKK. And, yet, barely a peep in the press about Dodd resigning or being kicked off any leadership spots. Oh, yeah, that’s right…Dodd and Byrd are Democrats, so that made it safe to sweep under the rug. It just doesn’t work both ways, does it? Maybe the press doesn’t get this tolerance thing yet.

    Jennifer: thanks for pointing that out. I tossed my mailing so quickly, I didn’t see that. Heck, I can do that on this computer if I really wanted to.

    Thanks to all of you for visiting.

  16. My invitation came addressed with just a first initial and last name. I figured out that my name was acquired through a mailing list suppied by one of the magazine companies for I have several subscriptions to magazines. The reason why I am so sure of this is because I subscribed to these magazines using an initial, not my first name initial. I don’t use this initial with my last name anywhere else. I didn’t feel so “honoured” afterall. SCAM

  17. I received the invitation some time ago and trashed it because I could not get a clear understanding of the purpose by just reading the materials. Today my spouse received the info. I decided research it and found this site. I found the other comments to be quite interesting. The one thing I didn’t find was a comment about the word ‘tolerance’ itself. I looked it up (MSN Encarta online) and found 6 definitions. Only one was referenced in all of the comments on this page. The other 5 are the ones that concern me – tolerating of something, ability to endure hardship, ability to remain unaffected, allowance made for deviation, ability to withstand extremes. We tolerate heat, cold, the behavior of coworkers, etc. But as a PERSON, I don’t want to be TOLERATED. What does that truly mean? That someone has to just DEAL with me? Oh I understand that that’s not what the invitation to have my name inscribed on the Wall meant. Perhaps a different name could have been given to the cause – The Peoplehood Of Folks Who Don’t Waste Energy Hating Others!

  18. I have heard alot about The Wall of Tolerance,and I thought it was a good idea for me to join it.At first I thought I didn’t want to join ,but then I felt interested to me.

  19. I just want to say you what you wrote here is so well written. I got the same thing about 1 year ago. I returned it without the donation, I’m wondering if they still put my name up there without a donation…
    I was excited about the whole thing but soon after lost interest.
    I still have my award though. Hanging right on my wall! The Wall of Ms. Lafay (hahaha)

  20. If you look at the SPLC website, you will see that your name is not “hammered into” any wall. It is included in “A graceful digital display of names” (I imagine the closing credits of a movie). Funny that that is not mentioned in the invitation that is sent!

  21. I just wanted to say that initially I was also confused about the Wall of Tolerance, but am actually quite proud of the distinction. I do think that the human race should be more tolerant of others whatever the reason others are different — whether it be in regard to race, religion, or whatever the difference may be. I hope to learn more “tolerance” in my life..and am proud to be a chosen person to have my name and I agree with what the Southern Poverty Law Center is doing. I hope to always fight for what’s “right.”

  22. Is it to late to have your name put on the Wall of Tolerance for this year? when is the deadline?

  23. I recently received the same solicitation for the Wall of Tolerance. A quick Google led me to your site (which I bookmarked).

    The Wall of Tolerance. Isn’t this an oxymoron? Walls divide. They separate. If you wall yourself off from reality, you are removing yourself from the world. Walls divide peoples (Irish Protestants and Catholics, Arabs and Israelis), keep people enclosed (prison walls), and such. They aren’t the first tangible object I think when it comes to linking people.

    How about a Bridge of Tolerance?

    Well, I’m off to each my Cheesecake of Fitness.


  24. There are gimmicks designed by professional advertising agencies to elicit sympathy, compassion, and, of course, indigantion in the gullible American public. The bottom line in most of these appeals to the pubic is a request for money. Radio evangelists began early with the use of the radio, reaching out to the pocketbooks of God-fearing Christians for offerings for special causes, as they were so colorably described.

    Money is the mother’s milk of politics and the proliferation of organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center. Morris Dees is probably a millionaire by now, and is more a showman than an attorney. He wants as much money as the public will give him. This money will be quickly consumed by administrative costs and exorbitant salaries. Very little of it, probably 20%, will go for the costly litigation for the poor. The Wall of Tolerance is just a means to an end. If Morris Dees could get every name of every American inscribed on the Wall along with a $50.00 contribution, or offering, the Wall would probably be extremely long and high. Of, course, he would build it. No doubt. He might hire a contractor pay him four times more than he is wirth But the amount of money he would receive would be enough to build a hundred, or more, of those walls. Let’s say 85 million tax paying Americans send old Morris 50 dollars each. He would have 85,000,000 x $50 =$425 x 10 to the nineth power. God knows what he would do with all that money. He might build “The Morris Dees Memorial Ball Park.”

  25. I’ll post as short as possible an ryn to a few comments I read.

    In society before any event can be analyzed, one must understand that things to _not_ happen in a vacuum. There is a social power structure attached to very social event that has its roots in the past. For this reason, There is something fundamentally different between racism commited by a “white” (a term that originated after WWI) against a “black” and that committed by a black against a white. None are condonable, but they are clearly different. Think: who has society oppressed and who is the oppressor?

  26. If you truely think there is little racist influence in our culture, I’d like to remind you of SENATE MAJORITY LEADER Trent Lott who at Strom Thurman’s 100th party late last year announced to core republican constituents that if Thurman had won the presidency, we would not be having “all these problems.” Strom Thurman ran a single-issue campaign on segregation in 1948. You might remember seeing video tapes of it; after Trent Lott said that, the people went absolutely wild.

  27. Do you ever wonder why the Southern Poverty Law Center has a Wall of Silence concerning Israelís Apartheid Wall of Hate? You would think that celebrating diversity and multiculturalism would work as well for Israel as it has for America. Could it be that eliminating a group identity also eliminates the group? If thatís so then why does the Wall of Tolerance promote the identity of some groups while remaining steadfastly intolerant of white identity? Is it hatful to promote the extermination of a people and their culture by amalgamation? Are the American Indians considered hateful because they were intolerant of white immigration, and the subsequent loss of their lands, culture and people? Isnít the Wall of Tolerance the promotion of racism of some groups at the expense of the racism of others? If thatís so then is it understandable for a people not to tolerate (to take or sustain without protest or repining) the promotion of their own demise? Did you know that Blacks commit nine times more race motivated crimes against Whites than Whites do against Blacks? If Blacks commit more racist crime than Whites, then why is it that the Southern Poverty Law Center only laments Black victims? Isnít the Southern Poverty Law Center really just an intolerant racist organization run by racist Jews? If racism is good for Jews and Blacks then why is it bad for Whites? Could it be because White racism might be bad for Israelís Apartheid Wall of Hate?

  28. I also have received an invitation to have my name on the Wall of Tolerance. I was very appreciative but confused on how my name was selected. I am no one special in my community. I have not done anything to be recognized for and if I am that significant then why should I have to pay for my name to be recognized as a person of tolerance. I teach acceptance to my children and tolerance but not at any cost. Sometimes tolerance is the popular vote but it can be a morally bankrupt venture. Our nation teaches us to be tolerant when it is convenient. I will not tolerate my rights as a human being to be violated. So, although I am very appreciative to be given the opportunity to be recognized and have my name on a wall with great people, I do not think that I deserve it.

  29. I just received an invitation to be enshrined on the Wall yesterday. I just wonder how they got my name, and why I have to pay? It sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure it is for me. At first I thought it was just another charity asking for donations…. I don’t know.

  30. you sen t award of Wall of Tolerance But spelled my name wrong on it Terrie Melson not nelson please send me new one thank you Terrie Melson

  31. I’am interested in become part of the wall of tolerance. I was hoping you could guide in the proper direction. Well, hope to hear for you soon.

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